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Inform, counsel, support

BACK UP - Counselling for the victims of right-wing extremist and racist violence

We inform, counsel and support

  • Victims of right-wing extremist and racist violence
  • Family members and friends of the people affected and witnesses of an attack

The Staff at Victims Counselling

  • Listen to the people affected after an attack, give them the opportunity to talk about their concerns in a safe atmosphere, and provide psychosocial counselling
  • Support the process of working through experiences and, if desired, provide contact to trauma centres and therapists
  • Research the extent of additional threats, and analyse the situation together with persons affected
  • Provide advice concerning questions about pressing charges
  • Give information about opportunities such as pressing charges, accessory charges, and the legal situation of victims during legal proceedings
  • Provide accompaniment if desired to the police, to lawyers, authorities, and physicians
  • Offer support before and after legal proceedings and accompany the concerned people in a safe way to court proceedings
  • Clear up any claims to damages and provide help with making applications for additional financial assistance and filling in the applications
  • Provide advice on handling contacts with media and inquiries from journalists and, if desired, during publicity work

The Principles of Our Counselling

  • The counselling takes place on-site with visits all throughout Westphalia. We visit the people affected at home or at a neutral location of their choice. Upon consultation, though, appointments in our office are also possible.
  • We take the side of the victim and their needs and support their perspectives and interests.
  • Pressing charges is not necessary to get counselling. We work independently of the police and the courts. Counselling also does not depend on whether the perpetrator is known or has been found.
  • The counselling is done without charge and can take place in an anonymous and confidential manner.
  • If there is trouble with communication, we organise an interpreter. We can also provide counselling in different languages.
  • The counselling work is always based on the needs and wishes of the victim and only takes place in close coordination with them.



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